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My Top 5 Tips for Shopping on Ebay

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With the crazy amazing "heatwave" going on in London right now I'm on a bit of a scramble for cute and comfortable summer clothes. Last year I took almost all my warm weather wear back to the States thinking I was never ever going to need it dreary cold London. I've never been so happy to be so wrong.  Since I'm on a budget, I decided the best way to build my london 2013 summer wardrobe was on eBay.  Here's my approach to winning on eBay.  And a few my summer scores.

1.  Search for something specific - I usually know what I am looking for ex: a silk summer dress, black leather sandals, a grey silk blend tank top, red deer antlers ( yes that's right deer antlers. I want to buy some paint them white and hang them on my wall).  First I plug the specific words into the eBay search engine. Then I start to narrow it down by category, size, material, brand, color and if it's a larger item location. I have found a few what I like to call indie luxury brands that I know I can rely on for style and quality and I will look for them in the brand section and only click the ones I know. It makes it easier to browse.

2. Search Lowest Price first - After I have narrowed down my search to a few hundred items I then choose to view them by the lowest price first.

3. Use the watch list - When I see something I like I click on the thumbnail and go the items page then I click through the images and look to see if I'm really interested. Then I look at the buyers score if it's below 98% I leave the page immediately. If it's above but under 100% I click at the negative comments and see what they are for. If the seller has sold thousands of things chances are it was a complaint by a complaining person and not a direct reflection on the seller. Then I check the seller's description and check what the fabric is. I don't love synthetic so I try and stay away from polyester clothes and faux leather shoes but that is just my preference you might find you have others so make a mental note to always check that before you watch the item. If the item I am watching has 0 bids I bid a very low amount and if it already has bids I just wait. You will find out why in tip 5.  But don't skip 4 it's an important one too and we don't want it to feel left out.

4. Get the eBay app - If you have a smart phone download the eBay app. I've won many items while having drinks with friends. It's such a rush to be win a bid and while out living my life. Then when I win I get to share it with whomever I'm with and we all cheer it's  very exciting. Ok I might be exaggerating a little bit about the cheering but they are happy for me and we do have a little happy moment.

5. Be a sniper/ The Price is Right bidder - Hide in the eBay shadows until the very last second and I mean  like 12 seconds left on the clock. If there are other sniper bidders this is the best way to get the item you are coveting at the lowest price. Decide the maximum amount you want to spend and then at a few minutes to the auction end time type that in plus $1.51 more but don't confirm it. You will be tempted but use the patience you were hopefully taught as a child. Sit and watch the clock count down or use the timer on your phone as a alarm and feel the butterflies flutter in your tummy in anticipation of a win. Then between 18 and 12 seconds confirm and hopefully you will be the highest bidder but the price of the time will have only gone up about a dollar and as the time hits 0s you should be announced as the winner. Ding Ding Ding!  Amazing!  Bask in the glory of your victory for a few moments then go straight to paypal and pay for your newly won item so you get it asap.

Here's a few things I've won recently.....

                Kurt Geiger Leather Sandals - £3.34             Sterling Silver Siam Niello Bracelet - £17.51
            All Saints Silk/ Cotton Dress - £11.75                           All Saints Silk Dress - £12.49
                                                        Winter Kate Silk Dress - £19.99


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