Monday, 6 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

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My incredibly clued up friend Brett Warren has me so excited about the new Great Gatsby movie directed by Baz Lurhman. The other day we were editing images ( he's also an extremely talented photographer) and we watched the trailer too many times to mention.  As with all of Baz Lurhmans films the music stood out as a character of it's own.  After being emotionally moved by what I heard and then buying the Lana Del Rey Single Young and Beautiful I wanted more. A quick google search sent me to NPR's First Listen where you can stream the entire soundtrack produced by Jay-Z and featuring Beyonce,, Gotye, Florence and the Machine and Sia.  I can't stop listening. It's nothing ground breaking just fun music fit for a twenties themed over the top garden party....which I will be attending in full on twenties attire. Don't worry I'll post photos. : )


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