Friday, 14 December 2012

Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay

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I hope you've been nice this year because there's a new Urban Decay Palette in town you will definitely want to ask Santa for!!!  The first two Palettes, Naked and Naked 2 have become staples in my personal and professional makeup kits (check out this smokey eyeshadow tutorial using both palettes) so I cannot wait to get my hands on this new one. The Naked Basics Palette features 6 gorgeous matte shades of eyeshadow, four are brand spankin' new. If you've never used Urban Decay or have been eying the Naked Palettes but not sure which one to get I say get this one. It's only $27 and the neutral tones of these velvety textured shadows are wonderful for everyone. I am seriously giddy with excitement.  I'm thinking early Merry Christmas to me from me.


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