Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sequins and shorts

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I wore this outfit when I worked on a shoot for German Vogue a few weeks ago. Hopefully the editorial will be out soon and so I can share it with you. I wasn't sure if the sequins would be too flashy (I was assisting on the shoot and sometimes assistants are meant to just blend into the background) but I really wanted to wear this tank top so I just went for it. This is one of the few items in my wardrobe that I actually paid full price for so I feel I should wear it as much as I can.  

Topshop tank top, Twenty8twelve Jacket, River Island jeans, Ciao Bella shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, marc jacobs bracelet

Last night I met a friend that was in town from Nashville at The Saunderson Hotel for some drinks. That place is really freakin cool. The only negative was the couple practically having sex on the bar across from us. Eewww.  Not classy people. It was around 80 degrees in London last night so I decided to wear the sequin tank with some shorts. So here is my confession. On my way to the bar I was not feeling totally confident in my choice to wear a pair of light blue faded denim shorts with a cuff.  This is a little crazy I know but when I got off the tube at Oxford Circus the doors to Topshop were still open and a bright pink sign beaconed "Sale 70% off" before I knew it I was rummaging through the racks of shorts as quickly as I could and found a lovely tailored lime pair that were perfect.  I changed in the bathroom at the hotel and felt so much better about my ensemble and on a practical note I was much cooler int he lingering heat. OK, so now I feel quite vulnerable after sharing that with you. Please don't judge me. : ) Anyway here is the before and after. What do you think? Should I have stayed in the denim or did I make the right choice with the lime?

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