Monday, 8 November 2010

Make-up Tips and Tricks

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Introducing our new Mizzie Make-up post "Make-up Tips and Tricks".  This is where you ask me make-up questions and I or our guest make-up artists answer them.  If have always wanted to conquer the smokey eye let us know.  If you want to know what shade of red lipstick is best for you then send us a photo and we will tell you.  Feel free to give us a challenge or ask us something simple.  It's up to you what we talk about so please start sending us your questions and we will start answering them. 


Anonymous said...

I have blemished skin but I don't like heavy foundations. Do you have any suggestions for tinted moisturisers or powders that still give great coverage? Please show quick summer make up tips.

In need of quick glam tips!

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